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About Garnet Financials

John Rosa founded Garnet Financials in 2022 to help people living paycheck to paycheck overcome financial barriers and achieve their goals through personalized financial coaching services focused on the client's needs. I help my clients identify meaningful goals, improve their mindset towards money, and hold clients accountable to achieve success, while promoting financial literacy in education and communities. My goal is to spread the value of financial literacy, foster genuine connections, make a positive impact in people’s lives, and become Connecticut's go-to financial coach!

Plans Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Hello, I'm John, your financial coach! I help my clients create short-term and long-term goals that align with their values and the life they want to live today. We will focus on creating goals that are clear, measurable, and relevant to your long-term plan to achieve results and enhance your financial literacy. My goal is to provide a personalized service focused on you. Let's start with a FREE introductory meeting to get to know each other and your needs. I'm excited to create a unique experience for you!

Begin Your Journey - Tier I

$270.00 - Save 25%

or $60.00/session

We prioritize your overall financial wellness, including managing debt, building savings, improving your credit score, and adjusting spending habits. Our 1-on-1 sessions can be held no matter where you are via Zoom! Take advantage of the convenience and flexibility these remote sessions provide! Begin Your Journey today!

This includes....
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Free Financial Health Assessments.
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6 One-hour Sessions.
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Sessions held via Zoom.
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Follow-ups to hold you Accountable and keep you Motivated.
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Garnet Financials' Budget Template.
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Begin Your Journey - Tier II

$810.00 - Save 25%

or $90.00/session

We will create a personalized plan that suits your needs by assessing your finances and behavior, improving your financial situation, and guiding you towards your goals. I will support you throughout this transformative journey to financial freedom and a brighter

Everything in Begin Your Journey plus....
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12 One-hour Sessions.
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In-Person Sessions (CT Residents).
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Guidance on Various Financial Topics.
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Phone Support to Answer your Questions Anytime, Anywhere!
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Customized Budget Plan

Build your own budgeting plan bundle with Garnet Financials, tailored to your unique financial goals. Our templates are designed to help you achieve greater financial stability and overall happiness.

Great for Beginners

Our user-friendly budget sheet is great for beginners and requires only basic input. Use it to plan and manage your finances for a month, getting closer to achieving your financial goals.

Keep from Overspending

A budget helps you understand your finances, find overspending areas, make informed decisions, prioritize needs and wants, and prevent debt.

Track your Spending Habits

Create a monthly budget for Expenses, Savings, and Debt categories, and track your spending by assigning each expense to a specific category. Compare your actual spending to your budget and make adjustments as needed.

Money Management

Unsure whether to pay off debt or build an emergency fund? Need to allocate funds for a big expense? Our budget plan is here to help you make confident financial decisions.
Young professionals leveling up their financial knowledge
Young professionals leveling up their financial knowledge

Create & Manage Savings Goals

Track your progress towards your financial goals - whether it's a vacation, emergency fund, or down payment for your first home - with our monthly budget plan.

Financial Health

Monitor your financial well-being over time with a personal balance sheet and profit & loss statement. Track your Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth, to gain insight into your overall financial picture

Decision Making

Gain valuable insight into the long-term effects of your financial decisions and develop a strategic mindset that empowers you to make informed choices about your spending habits.

Efficiently Manage Debt

Manage debt by tracking monthly payments and credit card usage. Organize debt by highest balance or interest rate for informed decision-making, faster repayment, and reaching financial goals with our help.

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